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Riding on the beach <span>€90<span>/per person</span></span>
Riding on the beach €90/per person

If you have dreamed of trekking your horse along an empty beach at sunrise, then Finikia Horseriding is the perfect place to start your dream. Enjoy the Mediterranean refreshing breeze riding on a horse along the Cretan Sea.

There aren’t many places on Crete where you can experience rides and views like this! Our exhilarating famous beach ride in Heraklion’s longest beach is just one of the memorable rides we offer at Finikia Horseriding.

Romantic Moonlight Tour <span>€75<span>/per adult</span></span>
Romantic Moonlight Tour €75/per adult

The Romantic Moonlight horse riding tour starts at 17:30, where we will pick you up outside of your hotel! We will drive to Finikia and gather for the horse riding lesson. You will be given the appropriate horse and we will then start heading to the mountains of Finikia with the horses and the wagon. You will have the chance to explore Cretan nature on horseback riding and enjoy the panoramic view of our capital city and the Cretan sea combined with the amazing sunset.

Day Tour <span>€70<span>/per adult</span></span>
Day Tour €70/per adult

We will pick you up in the morning (around 08:30), just a step outside your hotel, and start heading to the village of Finikia, where we will warmly welcome you to our premises! You will have the time to discover the amazing scenery around, take a look at the horses & enjoy the coffee offered. After that, we shall start our horse riding lesson, where you will have the chance to find out your riding skills.

2h Horse Riding Adventure <span>€50<span>/per person</span></span>
2h Horse Riding Adventure €50/per person

Do not miss the opportunity to explore the Cretan nature in the fields & enjoy the amazing view from the mountain of Heraklion on a horseback ride. Book your trip now and enjoy the panoramic view and the Mediterranean breeze! Our guide will accompany you to make sure about your safety and take lovely pictures of you and your beloved ones!